Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pain in the Neck.

Tip of the Week: OK, this is my own. I have began to have neck pain from 18 years of graphic design and poor ergonomics. I guess I thought some of that would not happen to me...uhh...wrong. I have to see the chiropractor 2-3 times a year and I have seen him twice in the past month without the pain subsiding.

So here are my tips to help.

 Stretches - I could list...but visit You neck stretches and yoga. While doing this, I learned most of the popular fitness DVDs I have purchased through the years are now on a channel called Be Fit...for FREE...that is another post. But a lot of chiropractors and yoga instrucotors have short helpful videos. They all vary and I have found doing different stretches each days is helpful.

 Heat - chiro says moist heat, but I have not figured that out. But those long things filled with microbeads that you microwave costs about $5 at Walmart and are awesome.

 Salon Pas - yes, I love Menthol...never My grandmother used Mentholadum (sp?) for everything and my mom does the that explains my love of the smell. Yum. These do work and a pack of patches is only about $4.

 Monitor - top half needs to be at eye leve. This is common knowledge I know...but, I just got my riser yesterday, and it really helps. I have this stand and it is cool and holds my huge Apple monitor just fine. It is made by Kensington and only about $30. Office

Chair - My chiro said to lower the arms all the way and pretend they don't exist. This forces you to sit up and use good posture.

 OR we could all sit for an hour after lunch with our backs against a wall to practice good posture. My grandmother made us do this in the summers when she kept us during the day....BUT, I seriously thinks she timed it just right so she could watch her "story" (uh Days of Our lives) each Smart thinking granny!

 But seriously, take time to stretch your neck/shoulders every 90 minutes at least if you work at a desk all day. You will be glad you did! This is where I have the most pain...

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